Yedamwon: Serving Abundant Korean Feasts with Healthy Ingredients

Welcome to Yedamwon (예담원)

Imagine dining in a tranquil setting where traditional Korean architectural elements such as high fences and old retaining walls were preserved meticulously. Welcome to Yedamwon, located in Namsa Yedam Village, selected as the most beautiful village in Korea in 2011.

A Tribute to the past

Upon returning to her hometown, the representative, Lee Hee-ok, aimed to recreate the flavors she enjoyed as a child. She also strives to honor the culinary traditions of her family and village elders. The result? A lavish country table set with healthy seasonal ingredients, tailored to the modern consumer’s palate.

Essential Details

  • Name: Yedamwon (예담원)
  • Address: 10-4, Jirisan-daero 2897beon-gil, Danseong-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Opening Hours: Always open, but reservation is required
  • Operating Hours: 12:00 to 18:00
  • Closed: Every Tuesday
  • Telephone: 055-972-5888
  • Slogan: A lavish table set with healthy ingredients

Experience not just the food, but also the warm hospitality and rich cultural history at Yedamwon. Call ahead to make a reservation and prepare yourself for a unique culinary journey that seamlessly blends the past and present.