Chamseongdan Altar

Come explore the historical Chamseongdan Altar, where Dangun, the founder of Korea, made sacrifices over 4,000 years ago. With its stunning natural stone structure and panoramic views of the West Sea and inland scenery, this sacred site offers a glimpse into Korea's ancient traditions and is still revered today as a place of national significance. Don't miss the chance to climb Manisan Mountain and enjoy breathtaking views of the Gyeonggi area along the way.

Discover the Ancient History at Chamseongdan Altar

Welcome to Chamseongdan Altar, a historic tourist destination located on the north side of Manisan Mountain peak. This sacred site holds great significance in Korean history and culture, as it is believed to be the place where Dangun, the legendary founder of Korea, offered sacrifices to the heavens over 4,000 years ago. As you explore this ancient relic, you will be transported back in time and gain a deeper understanding of Korea’s rich heritage.

A Timeless Treasure

Chamseongdan Altar has a long and fascinating history. Originally built during the Goryeo Dynasty, it was renovated in 1270 under the reign of Goryeo Wonjong and has since remained unchanged. The altar is a natural stone structure, standing at an impressive height of 5 meters. Its circular shape at the bottom and rectangular shape at the top create a unique and symbolic design that is instantly captivating. Moreover, its strategic location between Baekdusan Mountain and Hallasan Mountain offers breathtaking views of the West Sea and the surrounding inland scenery.

Throughout the centuries, Chamseongdan Altar served as a sacred site where kings from various Korean kingdoms, including Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla, performed ceremonial sacrifices to the heavens. This tradition continued until the Joseon Period, which lasted from 1392 to 1910. As you wander among the scattered relics, you will gain insight into the profound reverence and awe that Korea’s ancestors held for the divine. To this day, Chamseongdan remains an important cultural symbol, where Koreans pay homage to Dangun on Gaecheonjeol Day and where the sacred flame for national athletic events is ignited.

A Majestic Mountain Experience

Manisan Mountain, on which Chamseongdan Altar is situated, offers a splendid natural environment for outdoor enthusiasts. Rising 495 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Ganghwa and has been designated as a National Tour Site since 1977. As you ascend to the summit, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the entire Gyeonggi area. The path leading up to Chamseongdan is particularly renowned for its stunning vistas of the mountain and the sea. It comes as no surprise that this trail is a favorite among climbers and nature enthusiasts.

Getting There

If you’re coming from Sinchon Intercity Bus Terminal, you can take a bus bound for Manisan Mountain. The journey will provide you with a scenic ride, gradually immersing you in the natural beauty that awaits you at Chamseongdan Altar. Prepare yourself for a journey back in time as you delve into the captivating history, culture, and awe-inspiring geography of this remarkable destination.