Wishing for Longevity with Healthy Beans: KongDaebak Restaurant

Welcome to Kongdaebak (콩대박)

I had the pleasure of visiting Kongdaebak, a unique restaurant located in Sejong City, run by local farmers. A charming blend of rustic charm and traditional Korean cuisine, Kongdaebak offers a genuine farm-to-table experience.

Address and Opening Hours

Located in Geumnam-myeon in Sejong City at Daebak-gil 9 (세종특별자치시 금남면 대박길 9번지), Kongdaebak operates on a reservation basis and it is essential to book a day in advance. The restaurant is open from 11:50 am to 8:00 pm and is closed every Sunday. For reservations, you can call +82-44-867-7952.

Health and Longevity through Beans

The name Kongdaebak is a combination of the local dialect word ‘Daebak’ and the Korean word for soybean ‘kong’, reflecting the owner’s wish for everyone to enjoy a healthy and long life through consuming their nutritious soybean dishes. Every morning, the farmers hand-make tofu using home-grown white beans and frost beans, pouring their wholehearted effort into creating a healthy and delicious meal.

A Unique and Authentic Experience

The slogan of Kongdaebak – “Wishing you a long and healthy life through nutritious beans” (건강한 콩으로 무병장수를 기원합니다) – is reflected in their passion for providing hearty and healthful meals made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The dedication and love that goes into every dish definitely make the visit to Kongdaebak a unique and memorable experience.