Seokhwachon Restaurant: Revive Your Energy and Boost Your Wellness

About Seokhwachon (석화촌)

If you are looking for a unique dining experience directly linked to the heart of Korea’s rich agricultural tradition, then Seokhwachon (석화촌) is the perfect destination for you. This charming farmer-run restaurant is a combination of delectable food, the generous hospitality of the owners, and the charm of an 80-year-old traditional Korean house. It’s a must-visit culinary spot anytime you’re in the region.



The slogan of Seokhwachon (석화촌) is ‘원기회복으로 마음까지 건강해지는’, which translates to “Become healthy in body and mind through revitalization.” This embodies their commitment to serving dishes that don’t just satisfy the palate but also contribute to overall health.

What’s Special?

Seokhwachon (석화촌) specializes in healthful dishes made from duck. With professional advice from a Korean traditional medicine doctor, they have perfected a dish made from duck and neungi mushrooms, which is loved as a nutritious food that can replenish the energy lost during hot summer days.

Seokhwachon's special dish

Location and Hours

Seokhwachon (석화촌) is located at 15, Bakkangsool Street, Jupo-ri, Boryeong-si, Chungnam (충남 보령시 주포면 밖강술길 15). The restaurant operates from 11:00 to 21:00, but it’s better to make a reservation at least an hour ahead (예약제 – 최소1시간전 예약). They’re open all year round (연중 무휴) and can be contacted via phone at 041-932-9005.

Seokhwachon's location

More images of Seokhwachon (석화촌)

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Inside Seokhwachon