Enjoy the Taste of Hongcheon at Juns Log House: Delight in the Aroma of Logwood

Welcome to Joon-i-ne Tongnamu-Jip (준이네 통나무집)

Welcome to an authentic Korean dining experience, Joon-i-ne Tongnamu-Jip, located in the serene landscapes of Gangwon Province, Hongcheon-gun, Duchon-myeon, Seorak-ro 3643 (강원 홍천군 두촌면 설악로 3643). Translated to English, the name of the restaurant means “Joon’s Log Cabin”.

Experience Authentic Farm-to-table Korean Cuisine

Feel the rustic charm of dining in a log cabin and savour the unique flavours of Hongcheon (홍천). The restaurant’s slogan “Tongnamu hyang-gi-reul mat-eumyeo jeul-gineun Hongcheon-ui mat” (통나무 향기를 맡으며 즐기는 홍천의 맛) means “Enjoy the taste of Hongcheon while taking in the scent of logs”.

Farmed and Harvested Locally

The majority of soil in Hongcheon is composed of sandy loam and loam, which boasts excellent drainage, air permeability, and abundant minerals, making it ideal for cultivating glutinous corn. Highlighting this is Joon-i-ne Tongnamu-Jip’s specialty dish, Gondre Bibimbap, a healthy, summer dish that incorporates locally grown glutinous corn, gondre (a type of Korean herb), and Korean ginseng, all locally grown and harvested.

Opening Hours and Contact Information

The restaurant operates daily from 08:00 to 19:00, with closures on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. You can make reservations or inquiries at 033-435-2017.