Cheonghojae Restaurant: Enjoy Healthy, Seasonal Dining Straight from Nature

Welcome to Cheonghojae (청호재)

I had the pleasure of visiting a unique restaurant situated in the heart of nature. Named Cheonghojae, which translates to ‘a house in the clear lake’, it’s a delightful establishment run by local farmers in Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam. The address is 567-211, Suseo-ro, Sangbuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam.

Cheonghojae Exterior

Experience Healthy Seasonal Cuisine

The slogan of Cheonghojae is ‘Meeting healthy seasonal table in nature’ (자연속에서 만나는 건강한 제철 밥상). True to their word, the menu at Cheonghojae changes according to the season, as they believe that seasonal ingredients offer the best taste and nutrition. Imagine savoring the most delicious and nutritious meals, prepared with the freshest ingredients, right in the lap of nature!

Seasonal Menu

Mother’s Touch

Enjoying a meal at Cheonghojae is akin to being treated by a friendly neighbor in their home, with traditional dishes that remind you of your mother’s cooking. The warm, comfortable atmosphere adds to the whole experience of dining here.

Traditional Korean Food

Booking and Contact Details

  • Cheonghojae operates on a reservation system, so do remember to make a booking ahead of time.
  • You can reach them at 055-374-8841 for reservations and inquiries.
  • The best part is, they are open all year round (연중무휴).

Cheonghojae Interior

Bring your loved ones and experience a wholesome meal at Cheonghojae, where health, taste, and hospitality meet at a scenic locale.