Uhwasarangchae Restaurant: A Healing Feast Full of the Generosity of the Host

Welcome to Eohwasarangchae (어화사랑채)

Eohwasarangchae, or 어화사랑채, is a heartwarming dining spot where the generosity and warmth of its owner is captured in every dish served. Always bustling with vibrant energy, this restaurant is nestled along the main road of Naegok-ri, Yeohang-myeon, in Haman-gun of Gyeongnam Province.

Our Story

This farm-to-table restaurant is a beloved treasure amongst the locals. It’s not rare to see people flocking to this place like fish attracted to light. The constant foot traffic has worn the doorstep, bearing testament to its popularity and the deep connection it has with the community. At the helm is Yun Jong-wook, our charismatic host, who greets every guest with a radiant smile. His deep affection for Haman, the very land that nurtured him, is evident in the lovingly prepared meals he serves.

Necessary Details

  • Address: 943 Jinhom-ro, Yeohang-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongnam
  • Telephone: 055-585-9252
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (*Reservation required a day in advance)
  • Closed: Second and fourth Sundays every month

Experience the Healing Table

In line with our slogan, “주인장의 넉넉함을 담은 힐링 밥상,” which translates to “a healing meal filled with the owner’s generosity,” Eohwasarangchae offers a unique dining experience that exudes warmth and tranquility. Whether it’s a late afternoon visit or an evening dinner, you will always find this place teeming with life and a sense of homecoming. Come and be a part of this special journey of taste and healing.