Seoamjeong: The Timeless Diner, Always a New Experience Every Visit


Welcome to the timeless charm of Seoamjeong (서암정), a rustic dining experience tucked away in the peaceful fields of Gyeongnam Uiryeong County, where every visit promises a refreshing sense of nostalgia and novelty.

Location and Contact Details

Seoamjeong is located at 545-19, Garyero, Garye-myeon, Uiryeong-gun, Gyeongnam. To make reservations, which are required, please call 055-574-4308. For inquiries about operating hours and days, it’s best to call as well.

A Unique Dining Experience

Seoamjeong offers more than just a meal – it’s a journey back in time and a celebration of rural life. This farmer-run restaurant is a favorite picnic spot, where visitors young and old can experience a taste of the past. For the older generation, it’s a trip down memory lane, evoking the nostalgia of bygone days. For the kids, it’s an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the simple, yet profound, way of life of their grandparents.

Timeless Seoamjeong

As Seoamjeong’s slogan suggests, “time stands still at Seoamjeong, a place that’s always new no matter when you visit.” Every visit will leave you with a refreshed perspective and a renewed appreciation for the serenity and simplicity of rural life. So, whether you’re looking for a serene escape from the city or a unique dining experience, Seoamjeong is a must-visit.