Title: Bab Sang Wis Bo Yak Han Cheop: Transmitting the Healthy Taste of Spring through Deodeok

밥상위의 보약한첩 (Babsang-wiui Boyak-hancheop): A Taste of Health and Heritage

Hidden away in the beautiful countryside of Jecheon City, in the heart of Chungbuk province in South Korea, you’ll find a quaint, authentic, and truly special restaurant: 밥상위의 보약한첩 (Babsang-wiui Boyak-hancheop). Run by local farmers, this unique eatery serves up a menu inspired by traditional Korean cuisine and the owner’s cherished childhood memories.

A Journey Back in Time

Owner 함은숙 (Ham Eun-sook) has always longed to recreate the flavors of her grandmother’s home-cooked meals. Learning traditional cuisine at the Jecheon Agricultural Technology Center, she was able to bring her dream to life, opening the doors of Babsang-wiui Boyak-hancheop in 2014 alongside her food-enthusiast daughter.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

  • Address: 40 Baesiron-ro, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk
  • Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Closed: Every Tuesday
  • Telephone: 010-8844-2887

The Bounty of Spring

At Babsang-wiui Boyak-hancheop, the team is proud of their motto: “Delivering the taste of a healthy spring through deodeok”. Deodeok, a type of root popular in Korean cuisine, symbolizes the restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients.

Experience a taste of the past at 밥상위의 보약한첩 (Babsang-wiui Boyak-hancheop), where every dish is a delightful journey to a time gone by, filled with nostalgic flavors and the warmth of home.