Baeyoungsuk Mountain Sushi: A Healing Feast Prepared with Boeun Jujubes

Welcome to Bae Young-Sook’s Mountain Herbal Sushi (배영숙 산야초밥상)

Introducing a unique culinary experience in the heart of South Korea, Bae Young-Sook’s Mountain Herbal Sushi (pronounced as ‘Bae Young-Sook San-Ya-Cho-Bap-Sang’). Located at the foothills of Sogni-san in Boeun County, Chungcheongbuk-do (충북 보운군 속리산면 법주사로 253), this one-of-a-kind restaurant offers a menu that harmonizes the best of nature’s bounty with the traditional Korean palate.

Our Slogan: Healing Meals with Boeun’s Jujube (보은대추로 차리는 약이 되는 밥상)

Boeun county is renowned for its seedless jujubes, also known as Boeun’s dates. Blessed with abundant sunlight, fertile soil, and significant temperature differences between day and night, it provides the perfect conditions for cultivating sweet and high-quality dates. Our restaurant takes pride in creating healthy meals using over 100 types of fermented mountain herbs and these locally grown dates, reinforcing our slogan: “Healing Meals with Boeun’s Jujube”.

Operating Hours and Contact Information

  • Hours: We’re open daily from 09:00 to 21:00.
  • Closed: We operate all year round, with no breaks (연주무휴).
  • Telephone: For inquiries or reservations, don’t hesitate to call us at 043-543-1136.