Story of Sangchon Village Restaurant

Welcome to Sangchon Gam Story (상촌감이야기)

Sangchon Gam Story Exterior

Located in the heart of the beautiful Chungbuk Yeongdong County, nestled amidst mountains, lies a hidden gem of a restaurant – Sangchon Gam Story (상촌감이야기). This place is a haven for those in pursuit of an authentic Korean dining experience, crafted with passion and inspiration drawn from the local surroundings. The restaurant has been around for roughly three decades, initially a humble farmstead, it has transformed into a warm haven of culinary delights.

A Journey Rooted in Tradition

Traditional Korean Cuisine

The proprietors, originally from the region, had a tough time adjusting to the surrounding mountains. However, upon attending various trainings administered by the Agricultural Technology Center, they discovered their interest in processing and cooking. This led them to learn about the Farmhouse Restaurant business and thus, Sangchon Gam Story was born.

They possess expertise in pickled food and Shikhye, a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, and their completion of the Food Culture Succession Specialist Course at Chungbuk Agricultural Technology Institute in 2014 has significantly contributed to the success of their business.

A Feast for the Senses

Delicious Korean Food

Given the pristine environment of Sangchon and the abundance of local specialties, they believed that creating dishes suitable for the modern wellbeing era would be a perfect fit. In our fast-paced society, there’s a growing number of people yearning for the comfort of home-cooked meals; with this in mind, they cater, with love, healthy meals prepared from ingredients they personally harvested from the mountains and fields.

Practical Information

  • Address: 18-8 Imsan 5-gil, Sangchon-myeon, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Telephone: 043-743-3746
  • Hours: By reservation only

Harvesting Fresh Ingredients

Scenic View