Snail Tree Restaurant

Introduction of 나무달팽이 (Namu Dalpang-i)

My most recent culinary journey led me to a unique spot nestled in the heart of nature – a restaurant named 나무달팽이 (Namu Dalpang-i). It was an experience worth sharing, not merely for the food but for the fascinating story behind the establishment.

Namu Dalpang-i

The Artistic Farmers Behind Namu Dalpang-i

Namu Dalpang-i is run by a group of artists-turned-farmers, who have chosen to embrace a simple life amidst nature. For over 15 years, they’ve lived in the countryside following their individual lifestyles. United by the common goal of creating ‘a happy meal table of artist farmers’, they came together to establish this restaurant.

Artistic Farmers

A Farm-to-Table Experience

These artist farmers, with their backgrounds in art, fashion, photography, and cooking, believe that ‘farming is an art’. They produce their own crops and also utilize healthy ingredients produced by local farmers. Each dish is crafted with the same care, dedication, and creativity they put into creating an art piece – truly making their philosophy of ‘Honest Table’ a reality.

Farm-to-Table Experience

Visiting Namu Dalpang-i

  • Address: 충북 옥천군 옥천읍 마암로 125-16 (125-16 Maam-ro, Okcheon-eup, Okcheon-gun, Chungbuk)
  • Telephone: 043-731-5345
  • Opening Hours: 예약제 (Reservation system, same-day reservations possible)

Restaurant Exterior
Restaurant Interior

I highly recommend a visit to Namu Dalpang-i not just for its honest and delicious food, but also for the unique opportunity to experience the symbiosis of art and nature, represented in both their philosophy and their dishes.