Restaurant Andong Hwaryeon: Authentic Dinning, Nature’s Way

Experience the Authentic Taste of Nature at 안동화련 (Andong Hwaryeon)

Welcome to 안동화련 (pronounced Andong Hwaryeon), a unique haven tucked amidst the beautiful landscapes of Andong, where the heart of Korean culture beats. Located at 경북 안동시 일직면 하나들길 150-23 (150-23 Hanadeul-gil, Iljik-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do), this farmer-run restaurant offers a delightful meal experience that resonates with the motto 자연 그대로의 밥상, translating to “A meal table in its natural state”.

Andong Hwaryeon

An Exploration of Flavors

What sets 안동화련 apart from other local eateries is the minimal use of meat in its dishes. Instead, the menu predominantly features ingredients naturally produced from the mountains and fields, eco-friendly farmed produce, and Andong’s specialties such as mackerel and kudzu root.

Natural ingredients

Hours of operation

The restaurant is open all year round from 12:00 to 21:00, providing you with ample opportunity to indulge in their wholesome fare. Please note that they are closed every Monday. For reservations or inquiries, feel free to contact them at 0507-1310-4335.

Restaurant hours

A Perfect Blend of Health and Taste

At 안동화련, each dish is thoughtfully prepared, highlighting the natural flavors of the ingredients while promoting a healthy diet. It’s not just about feeding your stomach, but nourishing your soul with the goodness of nature, thereby making your dining experience truly exceptional.

Healthy and tasty food

For those seeking to enjoy cuisine that harmonizes with nature while respecting its abundance, a visit to 안동화련 is a must when in Andong.