Between the Sansuyu Road: Capturing Bonghwas Four Seasons

Sansooyoo-gil-sairo (산수유길사이로)

Located in Bongsung-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongbuk, you’ll find a unique and charming restaurant named Sansooyoo-gil-sairo (산수유길사이로). This wonderful place, open all year round between 09:00 and 20:00, is nestled amidst the pure and untouched beauty of mountains and fields.

“Bonghwa’s Four Seasons in a Bowl” (봉화의 사계절의 담다)

This is not just a slogan, it is a culinary philosophy that Sansooyoo-gil-sairo diligently follows. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh and seasonal produce, grown and harvested by the hardworking farmers in Bonghwa’s pristine landscapes. You’ll have the chance to savor dishes made from sweet pumpkin, acorns, mung beans, black rice, and leeks, depending on the season.

A Feast for the Senses

At Sansooyoo-gil-sairo, it’s not just about the food. It’s about the entire experience. The brilliant blossoms of sansooyoo (cornus) trees in the spring, and the abundant harvest of jujubes and persimmons in the autumn, contribute to a visually delightful dining experience. It’s a feast for your senses, where you not only taste but see, smell, and feel the changing seasons of Bonghwa.

Contact Information

Should you wish to experience this captivating fusion of Korean culinary arts and nature, you can reach the restaurant at 054-673-5860. One visit to Sansooyoo-gil-sairo, and I guarantee you’ll be carrying a piece of Bonghwa’s four seasons in your heart.