JinAn Highland: A Culinary Journey Across Korea


Welcome to Jinan Gowon (진안고원)! Nestled in the clean and tranquil environment of Jeonbuk, Jinan-gun, Jinan-eup, Woesayang-gil 24, this restaurant is a hidden gem that promises a unique gastronomic journey into the heart of authentic Korean cuisine.


The brainchild of representative Lee Young-Sook, Jinan Gowon is a testament to her ambitious vision: to create delicious Doenjang and Gochujang in a place with clear water and fresh air. Departing from her urban life where she was born and raised until mid-life, Lee Young-Sook made her way to Jinan Gowon—the only plateau in South Korea.

Lee Young-Sook, with her passion for food, has undergone various culinary training from numerous institutions and initiated this restaurant. All sauces used in Jinan Gowon are meticulously hand-crafted by Lee Young-Sook, where she spends hours boiling them in a traditional Korean cauldron, aligning the process with the changing seasons.

Unique Offerings

Seasonal herbs and wild vegetables, which become unavailable as the seasons pass, are always preserved as pickles, adding flavors that alleviate the longing for each season’s unique taste. The process of making Shiitake, a type of mushroom known for its good texture and non-toughness, is repeatedly steamed and boiled in a pressure cooker.

Aimed at Providing a Timeless Experience

If you’re craving for a taste of nostalgia, yearning to experience the raw flavours of the past, Jinan Gowon is the place for you. With an unwavering commitment, akin to the unchanging Mt. Maisan, Jinan Gowon is dedicated to preserving these authentic flavors.

Contact and Reservation Details

  • Address: Jeonbuk Jinan-gun Jinan-eup Woesayang-gil 24
  • Telephone: 063-433-7671
  • Opening Hours: Always open, Reservation required