DamiAe: A Taste of Tradition

Experience Authentic Korean Cuisine at Dami Ae (다미애)

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Dami Ae (다미애), a delightful restaurant nestled in the rural setting of Damyang County, Jeonnam (전남 담양군 금성면 평신기길 47-7). Run by the skilled and certified Korean cook, Ms. Oh Jong Sook, this restaurant offers not only a sumptuous gastronomic journey but also an insight into the traditional Korean culture, particularly the unique food culture of Damyang.

Dami Ae Restaurant

Commitment to Quality and Tradition

Ms. Oh’s dedication to her craft is inspiring. She is continuously enhancing her skills and knowledge through various educational pursuits like the Damyang Jukro Tea Association, traditional sauce education, and Bamboo Shoot Sommelier courses. This fervor for learning reflects in the quality of food and service offered at Dami Ae.

Cooking process

Farm-to-Table Philosophy

The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farms, supporting the local community and ensuring the freshness of the produce. Dami Ae mainly grows and uses shiitake mushrooms and rice, providing a real farm-to-table experience. The emphasis is on natural foods, with a preference for low-salt fermented foods and low-salt recipes, reinforcing their commitment to healthy eating.


Reservations and Contact

The restaurant operates on a reservation basis, so it’s advisable to call ahead and book a table. You can reach them at 061-382-0005. Embark on a culinary journey through Damyang’s rich cultural heritage and savor the refined flavors of traditional Korean cuisine at Dami Ae.

Interior of the restaurant
Exterior of the restaurant