JangGuMok: The Place Even the Spring Breeze Wants to Stay

Welcome to Jang-gu-mok (장구목)

Jang-gu-mok exterior
Located in the heart of Jeonbuk Sunshine City, nestled in the Donggeumyeon district (전북 순창군 동계면), sits a restaurant that captures the essence of natural, seasonal ingredients – Jang-gu-mok (장구목). This restaurant is unique, as it beautifully incorporates vegetables as the main ingredients in its dishes. This gives the food an exciting and colorful appeal, especially during spring.

Visiting Jang-gu-mok

Remember to make a reservation (예약제) beforehand for a guaranteed spot at Jang-gu-mok, as it operates from 11:00 to 19:00 daily with no days off throughout the year (연중무휴). You can reach them at 063-653-3917. In English, their slogan translates to “A place where even the spring wind wants to stay”, which perfectly describes the restaurant’s inviting and warm ambiance.

Feasting at Jang-gu-mok

Jang-gu-mok dishes
The highlight of Jang-gu-mok is definitely its use of naturally sourced seasonal ingredients. They whip up an array of dishes that let the flavors and fragrances of the vegetables shine. You can taste the arrival of spring in their refreshing salads and deliciously comforting soups made with first-harvest shepherd’s purse (냉이) and mugwort (쑥). Their dishes featuring dandelion and water celery, among other vegetables, maintain the integrity of the vegetables’ taste profile and infuse a breath of spring into their meals.

Experience Jang-gu-mok

  • Jang-gu-mok interior
  • Jang-gu-mok meal

Experience the natural bounty of the Korean countryside and embrace the full flavors of spring at Jang-gu-mok. Whether you’re a vegetarian or someone who simply appreciates fresh, quality ingredients, you’ll find the charm of Jang-gu-mok hard to resist.