Haemil Restaurant: Capturing Local History, Stories, and Flavors

Discover the Flavors of Korea at 해밀 (Haemil)

Immerse yourself in the authentic taste and narratives of Korea’s regional history at 해밀 (Haemil), situated in the scenic heart of 경남 의령군 의령읍 중리로 (Kyungnam Uiryeonggun Uiryeongeup Jungliro). This unique restaurant offers culinary delights produced directly from local farmers, thus promising an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Established with a strong belief in the growth of the local community, 해밀 (Haemil), also known as the ‘farmhouse taste’, actively uses locally-sourced fresh produce for its dishes and plays a key role in promoting the area by introducing the flavors infused with Uiryeong’s history and narratives. Its slogan, “지역의 역사와 이야기, 맛을 담다” (Embracing the History, Stories, and Flavors of the Region), captures this vision eloquently.

Experience 해밀 (Haemil)

Open throughout the year with the option of reservations, the visitors can relish the delicious offerings from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm, barring every Monday when the restaurant remains closed. For any queries or reservations, feel free to contact them at 055-572-9555.

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