Cheongsan Myeonga: Winning with the Freshness of Mushrooms

Welcome to Cheongsanmyeonga (청산명가)

I had the pleasure of visiting Cheongsanmyeonga, a unique farm-to-table restaurant nestled in the heart of Pocheon in Gyeonggi Province. The name translates to “Prestigious Green Mountain”, and true to its name, the restaurant offers a refreshing experience that combines farmer’s dedication, fresh produce, and culinary expertise.

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Freshness Personified

The restaurant stands by its slogan “Winning with the freshness of mushrooms” (버선의 신선함으로 승부한다). Kang Seon-kyu, the restaurant owner, has been cultivating mushrooms for over 40 years. With the mechanization and scaling of mushroom cultivation, he faced a drop in price competitiveness. It was then he decided to look for an alternative solution. He used his son’s culinary expertise to develop a mushroom shabu-shabu dish, starting a country house restaurant like no other.

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A Unique Mushroom Experience

While mushroom shabu-shabu is a common dish in many restaurants, Cheongsanmyeonga decided to differentiate itself through the variety and freshness of its mushrooms. The result? A country house restaurant that people from all over the country flock to. Here, you’ll experience the unique taste of shabu-shabu that has been enhanced by the freshness and variety of mushrooms grown by experienced farmers.

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Visit Information

  • Address: 1215 Cheongsin-ro, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 포천시 신북면 청신로 1215)
  • Opening Hours: Open all year round (상시운영)
  • Hours: Weekdays 10:30 – 18:50, Weekends 10:30 – 18:00
  • Closed: Every Monday (매주 월요일)
  • Telephone: 031-536-5362

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