Blossoming Rice Flower: Experiencing the Healing Power of a Hearty Meal

Introducing Bobkkothanapieotne (밥꽃하나 피었네): A Unique Farm-to-Table Experience

I recently visited ‘Bobkkothanapieotne’, a farm run restaurant in Gongju city, South Korea. This exceptional dining spot, whose name translates to ‘A Rice Flower Has Bloomed’, is not just about serving food, but healing through hearty meals. Their slogan, “The Healing Power Evoked by a Hearty Meal” (든든한 밥상이 불러일으키는 치유의 힘) encapsulates this mission perfectly.

Location and Operation Hours

Bobkkothanapieotne is located at 153-2, Yanghwa-ri, Gyeryong-myeon, Gongju city (공주시 계룡면 양화리 153-2). They operate year-round (연중무휴), from 11:30 to 20:00, but remember that they are closed every Monday (매주 월요일). You can reach them at 041-855-0696 for any inquiries or reservations.

Unforgettable Culinary Journey

What makes Bobkkothanapieotne stand out is their strategic use of fermented extract made from a plant called ‘Cheonnyeoncho’ (천년초), which enhances the flavor of their dishes. Not only is it beneficial for health, but it also improves the color, taste, and aroma of the food. Indeed, dining at Bobkkothanapieotne is like witnessing a rice flower bloom – a beautiful, fulfilling, and unforgettable experience.