Yedang Grand House: Hosting a Beautiful Feast Steeped in Centuries of History

Welcome to Yet-dang Keun-jib (예당큰집)

Immerse yourself in the rich history and traditional flavors of Korea at Yet-dang Keun-jib, a charming destination nestled in the heart of the country.

Located in the Heart of Korea

Yet-dang Keun-jib is located at 957-24, Muhan-ro, Janggok-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungnam, a beautiful region steeped in history and culture.

Experience Centuries-Old Tradition

This unique dining venue embodies over 650 years of history. Once used as the residence of a local superintendent during the Goryeo Dynasty, Yet-dang Keun-jib has witnessed the evolution and hardships of the region throughout the centuries.

A Marriage of Fresh Ingredients and Time-Honored Recipes

The restaurant prides itself in preserving the region’s characteristic cuisine by making full use of diverse and fresh ingredients, such as beef, pork, seafood, various vegetables, and fruits, all sourced from local farms.

Opening Hours

  • Operating Hours: Open Daily
  • Operating Time: 12:30 ~ 19:00
  • Closed: Lunar New Year Holidays, Local Holidays
  • Contact: 041-642-3833

Embrace our Slogan – “A Beautiful Korean Feast with Hundreds of Years of History”

At Yet-dang Keun-jib, you will experience a beautiful Korean feast that carries hundreds of years of history. Each dish is meticulously prepared and presented with utmost respect for the culinary traditions and history of Korea.

Experience a culinary journey into the heart of Korea at Yet-dang Keun-jib.