Welcome to Seojicho Gatyeol: A Taste of Tradition

Welcome to Seo Ji Choga Ddeul (서지초가뜰)

Take a journey into the heart of Korean agricultural life at Seo Ji Choga Ddeul (서지초가뜰), a unique restaurant located in Gangneung, Gangwon-do at Nan-Gok Street 76, Number 43-8 (강원도 강릉시 난곡길 76번길 43-8). This exceptional establishment run by farmers provides a truly authentic Korean dining experience, where the food is as homegrown as it gets.

Operating Hours

Please note, Seo Ji Choga Ddeul operates on a reservation basis. To enjoy their signature dishes, including the beloved “Motbap” and “Jilsang”, you must have a party of at least four and book one day in advance. The restaurant welcomes guests from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm. Reach out to them at 033-646-4430 to secure your reservation.

The Philosophy

The heart of Seo Ji Choga Ddeul beats in the philosophy of its representative, Choi Yeong-Gan. He fondly remembers days of eating Motbap and holds dear the lessons and values passed down from his grandfather and his devoted mother who record their daily lives through writing.

For Choi, the food we consume shapes our disposition. With this belief, he meticulously prepares Motbap and Jilsang, infusing each dish with a depth of emotion and care that reflects his family’s legacy. As he straps on his shoes each day and steps out to gather fresh spring mugwort or pumpkin leaves, his thoughts are centered around how his actions today will imprint on his children.

Experience Seo Ji Choga Ddeul

Come, experience the depth and beauty of traditional Korean cuisine at Seo Ji Choga Ddeul. Savour every bite knowing that each dish is a labour of love, prepared with ingredients grown with the same care and affection.