Simple Dining Table: Enhancing Flavors with House-made Fermented Sauces


During my journey through South Korea, I had the distinct pleasure of dining at a truly remarkable establishment, called Sobaghan Bapsang (소박한 밥상). Tucked away in Seosan, in the province of Chungnam, this unique restaurant is run by farmers and offers an authentic, home-style Korean dining experience that truly stands out.

Location and Contact Details

The Sobaghan Bapsang is located at 150-22, Aejeong-gil, Inji-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungnam (충남 서산시 인지면 애정길 150-22). It operates on a reservation-only basis, and you can reach them at 041-662-3826 to secure your spot. They are open from 11:30AM to 3:00PM, but remember, they are closed every Monday.

The Sobaghan Bapsang Experience

The secret behind the exceptional taste of Sobaghan Bapsang’s dishes lies in the homemade jang (Korean traditional fermented sauce). This family’s jang recipe, passed down through generations for over a century, brings out a deeper, more profound flavor in their dishes. The humble, yet meticulously prepared meals at Sobaghan Bapsang exude a warmth and authenticity that are hard to find elsewhere.

Their Slogan

“The taste deepens with our homemade jang” (직접담근 장으로 더욱 깊어지는 맛) is their slogan and it perfectly encapsulates the pride they take in their traditional preparation methods, and the depth of flavor they achieve as a result.


What began as a location for running jang-making and food experience programs, Sobaghan Bapsang became a farmer’s restaurant upon the urging of their diners. It truly offers a unique and heartwarming dining experience. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the sincere and soulful dishes of this farmer’s table.