Restaurant GilMok: Experience the Unique Taste Only Found in Dangjin

Welcome to Gilmok (길목): A Unique Taste of Dangjin

I had the pleasure of visiting Gilmok (길목), a restaurant tucked away in the heart of Dangjin city (당진시), Chungnam (충남). Besides its serene and rustic surroundings, what sets Gilmok apart is that it’s run by local farmers, and their dedication to preserving and promoting the traditional cuisine of Dangjin is truly inspirational. They serve a unique local delicacy known as Ggeomokji (꺼먹지).

Experience the Authentic Flavor of Dangjin

Ggeomokji is a traditional dish of Dangjin made from salted radish greens. This unique dish gained worldwide recognition when it was served during a banquet held at the Hapdeok Church (합덕성당) attended by Pope Francis in 2014. Since then, food-lovers from all over the world have been visiting Dangjin just to experience the exquisite taste of this exceptional dish.

Gilmok (길목): Keeping Tradition Alive

At Gilmok, the restaurant team is committed to preserving this fading culinary tradition. They have developed a special Ggeomokji set menu that allows visitors to enjoy this delicacy in its purest form, prepared with utmost care and dedication.

Visit Details

  • Address: 616, Deokpyeong-ro, Ugang-myeon, Dangjin-si, Chungnam, South Korea.
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 – 22:00, open all year round.
  • Telephone: 041-363-5505

Experience a Taste of Dangjin at Gilmok

If you’re in Dangjin and want to taste the local cuisine, make a visit to Gilmok. Their Ggeomokji set menu is a must-try. It’s more than just food – it’s a way to experience a precious part of Dangjin’s culture and history.