Kyebong Farm Restaurant

Welcome to Gyebong Farm (계봉농원)

Delve into an authentic Korean dining experience at Gyebong Farm (계봉농원), nestled in the heart of South Korea’s picturesque countryside. Run by dedicated farmers, this hidden gem offers the rare opportunity to savor meals prepared with the freshest local produce. With their passion for both farming and cooking, the exceptional culinary adventure at Gyebong Farm will surely make your visit unforgettable.

Gyebong Farm

Location and Contact

Conveniently located in the peaceful rural area of Cheongyang-gun, the exact address is 406-5 Bonui-gil, Mok-myeon, Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (충청남도 청양군 목면 본의길 406-5). For inquiries and reservations, you may reach them at 010-9413-5795.

Farm location

Operating Hours

Information regarding operating hours or days when the restaurant is closed is currently unavailable. It is highly recommended to contact the restaurant directly for an accurate schedule.

Savor the Farm-To-Table Experience

At Gyebong Farm, the farm-to-table concept is not just a trend but a lifestyle. They take immense pride in using the freshest ingredients harvested directly from their farm. This unique setup ensures that every dish served is of the highest quality, providing a dining experience that both locals and tourists will appreciate.

Farm to table food

Final Words

So whether you’re a food enthusiast searching for a unique gastronomic journey, or a traveler looking to explore the rural Korean lifestyle, a visit to Gyebong Farm (계봉농원) is a must. Make sure to give them a call and drop by for an unforgettable culinary experience!