Jangsu Bapsang: A Healthy Feast for Longevity

Welcome to Jangsubabsang (장수밥상)

Imagine a place where the culture of Korean cuisine meets the wholesome goodness of fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. That place is Jangsubabsang (pronounced ‘Jahng-soo-bahb-sahng’), a unique farm-to-table restaurant nestled in the heart of the Jangsu-gun region. Their name, a fusion of the term ‘Jangsu’ denoting the unique locale, and ‘Jangsu’ symbolizing a long and healthy life, mirrors their mission to provide nourishing meals that promote longevity.


Location and Hours

Located at 57 Yongam-gil, Sanseo-myeon, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Jangsubabsang is open from 12:00 to 19:00. However, they operate on a reservation-only basis. They are closed on the fourth Sunday of every month. To book a table, you can reach them at 063-351-3724.

Jangsubabsang Location

Experience the Healthy Table for Longevity

Jangsubabsang prides itself on serving dishes made from Jangsu Hanwoo, a type of Korean native cattle famed for lean meat and tender texture that has been raised over 500 meters above sea level. They also serve winter nourishment foods prepared with dried radish greens. The restaurant’s slogan, 장수를 위한 건강밥상 (pronounced ‘Jang-soo-reul Wi-han Geon-gang-bab-sang’), reinforces their dedication to serving healthy meals that promote longevity.

Jangsubabsang Food

Embrace the unique fusion of culture, health, and taste that is Jangsubabsang. Treat yourself to a culinary journey that pays homage to the traditions of Korean cuisine while promoting a long and healthy life.

Jangsubabsang Ambiance