Duhyang: The Taste of Tradition

An Authentic Korean Dining Experience at Doo Hyang (두향)

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Gumi County in Daegu, a unique culinary experience awaits at Doo Hyang (두향). The restaurant is located at 2206-37, Hanti-ro, Bugye-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Daegu.

Operated primarily by reservation and open round-the-clock, Doo Hyang offers an immersive experience into Korean cuisine and culture. The restaurant is run by farmers who have undergone extensive training in food development and preservation, as well as traditional Korean gastronomy.

Unearthing Local Tradition and Innovation in Food

Doo Hyang thrives in its commitment to traditional and innovative gastronomy. The restaurateurs have completed training at the Farmer’s Administration School in local traditional food preservation and rice processing. Additionally, they have also undergone a rigorous food development process.

They have further honed their culinary prowess by completing the Korean Medicine Food Therapy course at Daegu Haany University. This unique education equips them with the knowledge to incorporate medicinal herbs into their cooking, creating dishes with both taste and therapeutic benefits.

A Culinary Destination for Authentic Korean Cuisine

With a certificate in Korean cooking, the team at Doo Hyang offers a selection of dishes prepared with their cultivated crops. They also provide a catering service, offering patrons the opportunity to experience their authentic Korean cuisine at a variety of events.

To make a reservation or for more information, call Doo Hyang at 010-8527-9979. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and traditions of Korean food at this local gem.