Dine with Cheongrim: Healthy Meals Crafted from Pristine Highland Ingredients

Welcome to Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke (청림과 함께)

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Korea’s countryside and savor the delights of fresh farm-to-table cuisine at Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke. Translating to ‘With Green Forest’, this hidden gem nestled amidst the pristine natural environment of Dunnae’s highlands in Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province, is a must-visit culinary destination.

Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke exterior

Experience Farm Fresh Dining

The restaurant’s slogan, “Go-raeng-ji Cheong-jhong Sik-jae-ryo-ro Ji-eo-naen Geon-gang-han Bab-sang”, speaks volume about the ethos behind the restaurant. It translates to ‘A Healthy Meal Made with Clean Ingredients from the Highlands’. Everything served here is freshly grown and harvested from the backyard garden, ensuring a meal that’s as wholesome as it is delicious.

Fresh produce at Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke

Authentic Culinary Traditions

Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke is famous for its generous, healthy meals filled with a mother’s love and care. Using various medicinal herbs and traditional Korean pottery developed with over 40 years of artisanal skills, every dish is a testament to the deep-rooted Korean culinary traditions.

Traditional Korean meal at Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke

Useful Information

  • Address: 51 Gowonnam-ro, Dunnae-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea.
  • Opening hours: Reservation only.
  • Telephone: 033-342-1044, 010-3137-1044

Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke interior

Cheongrim Gwa Hamkke dishes