Deokyu-dang: The Ultimate Dining Experience


Welcome to DeokYuDang (덕유당), a hidden gem nestled deep in the rural heartland of Yecheon County, Gyeongbuk. This farm-to-table restaurant is run by a couple who decided to return to farming in 1990, after being involved in the farmers’ movement during their university days. They started farming in Jibo-ri, a quiet and serene village in Yecheon County. From 2003, they started passing on the tradition of making Korean rice cakes (HanGwa), establishing themselves as representatives of Yecheon’s local YeotJaE Village HanGwa and active regular members of the Korean Food Research Association.

Location and Contact

The family-run restaurant is located at 105-10 Sohwa 2-gil, Jibo-myeon, Yecheon-gun, Gyeongbuk (경북 예천군 지보면 소화2길 105-10). To reserve your table and savor the authentic Korean rural cuisines, please call on 010-9391-6623. The restaurant operates based on reservations.

Highlights of DeokYuDang

  • Graduated from Korea University
  • Started the HanGwa business in 2003
  • Initiated the Farmhouse Restaurant venture in 2011
  • Became a Food Commentator (음식해설사) in 2011
  • Awarded the Agricultural Minister’s Prize for their Gosoaeyakgwa and Nongjin-cheong in 2014
  • Won the Governor’s Award in 2015

Visiting DeokYuDang will not only fill your palate with mouth-watering dishes but also your heart with the warmth of Korean rural life. Experience and enjoy the authentic flavors of Korea at DeokYuDang!