ChaWasari Golbapsang: Experience Local Cuisine with Tea and Traditional Tea Ceremonies

Welcome to Cha Wa Ssari Gol Bap Sang (차와싸리골밥상)

Welcome to a unique dining experience at Cha Wa Ssari Gol Bap Sang (차와싸리골밥상), nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Cheongyang in Chungcheongnam-do Province. This farm-to-table restaurant is run by a diligent couple, Kim Ki-cheol and Kim Yang-sook, who grow their own tea on a 10,000-pyeong tea farm on the slopes of Chilgap Mountain, often referred to as the Alps of Chungnam.

From Farm to Your Table

At Cha Wa Ssari Gol Bap Sang, you will find a wide array of local dishes crafted with organic produce grown on the farm, including mountain herbs, oriental raisin trees, and tea leaves. You get to taste the culture of Cheongyang in each flavorful bite of our healthy dishes, served in an eco-friendly space built with yellow soil.

Experience the Art of Tea

At Cha Wa Ssari Gol Bap Sang, you can also partake in a traditional tea ceremony at our tea experience space, Onjik Da Won (온직다원). Here, you can taste a variety of teas, including handmade green tea, fermented tea, and oriental raisin tea, all cultivated organically and prepared using the traditional tea-making process.

Visit Information

  • Address: 382-20, Chungjeol-ro, Namyang-myeon, Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Opening Hours: 10:00~20:00, Reservation required at least one day in advance
  • Telephone: 041-942-2363