Charims Garden Restaurant: Perfectly Balanced Burdock Nutrient Stone Pot Rice

Introduction to Chae Rim’s Garden (Chae Rim-ui Jeongwon)

Experience the delightful fusion of food and nature in a unique restaurant run by farmers; welcome to Chae Rim’s Garden (채림의 정원), located in the quiet rural landscapes of Heongseong County, Gangwon Province (강원도 횡성군 우천면 정포로 34).

Operating Hours and Contact Details

Chae Rim’s Garden is open from Thursday to Sunday, 11:30 am to 5:30 pm and closed every Monday to Wednesday. For queries and reservations, you can reach the restaurant at the following number: 010-3111-0065.

The Signature Dish: Burdock Nutrition Stone Pot Rice

The restaurant’s slogan, “Burdock Nutrition Stone Pot Rice perfected with the golden ratio (황금비율로 완성한 우엉영양돌솥밥),” gives you a hint of what its signature dish is. This dish was inspired by a burdock rice (우엉밥) that the representative Kim Chae-yoon tasted at a temple before starting this farmer’s restaurant.

Kim Chae-yoon learned the recipe for burdock rice directly from the temple, and meticulously adjusted the recipe through changes in ingredients, burdock slicing, and frying time to create a special flavor for the Burdock Nutrition Stone Pot Rice.

Experience the Authentic Taste of Korean Agriculture

Chae Rim’s Garden is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. Come and immerse yourself in the simplicity and authenticity of the traditional Korean rural life, and taste the result of the meticulous hard work of Korean farmers. This is a place where the flavors of the land meet the dedication of the people who cultivate it.