Bora Undeok: High-End, Eco-Friendly Retreat, the Restaurant Hotspot of a Blueberry Farm

Introducing Bora Undeok (보라언덕) – A High-Quality, Eco-Friendly, Relaxation-oriented Blueberry Farm Restaurant

With a tranquil setting atop a gentle hill, Bora Undeok (보라언덕) is not just a blueberry farm but a destination that harmoniously blends pine trees, coffee, pizza, music, and performances. This is a place where you will find endless peace and tranquility, an eco-friendly farm that provides a high-quality experience and a relaxing retreat.

Location and Reservations

Situated at 8 Daegil-gil, Buk-i-myeon, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (충청북도 청주시 청원구 북이면 대길길 8), Bora Undeok (보라언덕) operates on a reservation basis. To ensure your spot, it is mandatory to make a reservation at least one day in advance for meals. You can contact them at 010-8434-7751.

Operating Hours and Days

Bora Undeok (보라언덕) is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Please note that the restaurant is closed every Monday.

Experience and Ambiance

The farm cafe, located on the serene hill, offers a tranquil setting where even an ordinary cup of coffee feels special. The simplicity of the place, devoid of any flashy indoor decorations, adds to its tranquility, and the leisurely countryside scenery serves as the main decoration. This provides a comfortable relaxation experience.