Ban-gil Yukbap Restaurant – A Taste of Tradition

Welcome to Bangili Gukbap (반금이국밥)

During my travels throughout the beautiful landscapes of Korea, I had the privilege of discovering a unique gem tucked away in the rural regions of Gyeonggi Province. A restaurant named Bangili Gukbap (반금이국밥). Run by farmers, this dining establishment offers a taste of traditional Korean cuisine infused with the freshness of locally grown produce. The restaurant is situated at 1808, Jojong-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

Experience Authenticity

What sets Bangili Gukbap (반금이국밥) apart is its commitment to showcasing the essence of Korean gastronomy. As the restaurant is managed by farmers, the focus is on serving hearty, home-style meals prepared with farm-fresh ingredients. The result is a menu teeming with nutritious and delicious dishes that are a testament to Korea’s rich culinary heritage.

Operation Hours

The restaurant can accommodate a single guest and operates under specific hours. You are advised to contact the restaurant at 031-584-4800 to confirm their opening hours and make reservations.

Plan Your Visit

When you make plans to visit Korea, ensure a stop at Bangili Gukbap (반금이국밥) is on your itinerary. This would be a gastronomic journey you would not want to miss – an opportunity to taste the authenticity of Korean flavours in a traditional rural setting.