Camping at Hwangsan Island: A Small Campsite Retreat

Yellow Mountain Island Camping Site

Yellow Mountain Island Camping Site

The Yellow Mountain Island is a serene camping site nestled in an island that is located to the left, across the Choji Bridge, which connects Dae-Myung Port and Ganghwa Cho Ji Jin. This island is unique as it transforms from an island to a mainland during low tide. Now, a large artificial fishing spot has been made between the island and the mainland, and various accommodation villages have been formed on the island. The Yellow Mountain Island Camping Site is among these accommodations.

The campsite is located between the Sun Dance Motel and the Cruise Motel on the right as you enter the Yellow Mountain Island. The site was originally a restaurant and has been renovated to serve as a management office and an open cafe for customers. Decks and ground sites have been created in the back yard. Surrounded by fairly large trees, it provides shade and naturally creates a distance between the sites. Although the site and facilities are not top-notch, they provide vegetables grown in the owner’s field for free and respond kindly to all matters, so you can enjoy camping comfortably.

Location and Nearby Activities

The Yellow Mountain Island Camping Site is located at 36-15, Haenam-ro 65beon-gil, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. This location is famous as a sunset viewing spot, adding to its allure for campers and nature enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Unique location on an island that becomes a mainland during low tide
  • Located between two motels, providing easy access to additional accommodation if needed
  • Surrounded by large trees, providing natural shade and creating privacy between campsites
  • Provides vegetables grown in the owner’s field for free
  • Famous sunset viewing spot