Visit Jumunjin Beach Campsite: The Iconic BTS Album Cover Shoot Location

Jumunjin Beach General Campground

Jumunjin Beach General Campground Image

Infamous as the shooting location for BTS’s album jacket, Jumunjin Beach Campground is a must-visit for fans and nature enthusiasts alike. Nestled between the pristine Cheongsihang Beach and the coastal bus stop where BTS shot their album jacket, this camping site is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, adding to its allure.

Just a minute or two walk from the beach, the campground provides shared facilities with the beach, including showers and restrooms. Do note that there might be an additional cost during the summer. The Jumunjin Beach, where the campground is located, is renowned for its fine sandy beach. It’s also the host of the annual squid festival, promising a unique cultural experience.

The pine forest houses a sports park, providing an opportunity to enjoy camping, sightseeing, and physical training all at once. The vicinity is well-equipped with family hotels and a neatly arranged guesthouse village, ensuring convenience for campers.

Location and Contact Details

Address: 210, Jumun-ro, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Telephone: 033-660-4913

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