Kaya Region Sorimasil Agricultural Corporation: A pristine camping site nestled in the Gaya Mountain and Hongryudong Valley

Kaya Region Sound of Stream Agricultural Cooperative Camping Ground

Camping ground

The Kaya Region Sound of Stream Agricultural Cooperative Camping Ground, nestled amidst Mt. Kaya and the Hongryudong Valley, is a spotlessly clean camping site full of serene beauty.

An Overview

This camping ground comprises three sections, A, B, and C, along with a bungalow-style pension, encompassing a vast area popular among campers. Being a new campsite, all its facilities including restrooms, shower rooms, water stands, and recycling bins are in excellent condition and well-maintained. The hot water supply is also consistent and refreshing. One can enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Kaya just by raising their head and the picturesque valley by turning sideways, making it a naturally healing campsite.

There is a bridge leading to the Sound of Stream, and a morning walk there can be therapeutic. It connects with the Great Sutras Theme Park in Hapcheon and continues till Haeinsa of Mt. Kaya. The route, a comfortable 10 km round-trip walking path, is not challenging and connects the Great Sutras Theme Park in Hapcheon, the Sound Path of the flowing Hongryudong Valley, and Haeinsa of Mt. Kaya. This campsite also allows entry with pets.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 1267, Gaya Mountain Road, Gaya-Myeon, Hapcheon-Gun, Gyeongnam
  • Telephone: 055-934-2221

Nearby Activities

Activities around this campsite include summer water play, autumn foliage viewing spots, and walking trails, making it an ideal camping location for nature enthusiasts throughout the year.