Moonlight Camping at Gayaland: Basecamp Beauty at the Foot of Mount Shin Eo (630m)

Moonlight Camping Ground at Gaya Land

Moonlight Camping Ground at Gaya Land

The Moonlight Camping Ground, nestled at the foot of the beautiful Mount Shin-Eo (630m), boasts an impressive view both day and night. The name “Gaya Land” is derived from the ancient Gaya kingdom, and the camping ground is divided into various sections named after the kings and geographical features of the time.

The Layout and Offerings of the Campground

The campground has over 150 different camping zones including car camping, caravan, glamping, mini-glamping, and backpacking campsites, allowing campers to choose a camping experience that suits their preferences and conditions. It is recognized as the largest theme park campground in South Gyeongsang province. The camping zones are divided into the water zone with glamping and caravan areas; the Gimhae zone, an auto-camping site; the Nakdong and Shin-Eo zones, which are camping grounds; and the Garak zone, a spot for backpacking enthusiasts.

The multipurpose clubhouse, with an indoor space of about 18M in diameter, is equipped for small performances, various gatherings, and corporate workshops, making it convenient for corporate or group campers. There are also various tourist attractions nearby, such as Eunha Temple, Bongha Village, King Suro’s Tomb, Queen Suro’s Tomb, Bunsanseong Fortress, National Gimhae Museum, Yeonji Park, and Haeun Astronomical Observatory, making it convenient for touring the Gimhae area.

The family healing theme park, consisting of Angel Park amusement park, a healing-type campground, and children’s food culture experience content, is gaining popularity as a nature-friendly resort for tourists visiting Gimhae.

Contact Information

  • Address: 67, Shin-Eo Mountain Road, Sam-Bang-Dong, Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province
  • Telephone: 055-332-9100