Experience Nature at Bonghwang Mountain Natural Recreation Forest Campsite in Romantic Yeosu

Phoenix Mountain Natural Recreation Forest Campground

Let’s experience the nature in the romantic Yeosu Phoenix Mountain Forest.

Phoenix Mountain Natural Recreation Forest Campground

The Phoenix Mountain Natural Recreation Forest Campground is not only an excellent place for experiencing a cypress forest and taking a stroll but also a splendid spot for health enhancement by resting your mind and body, embracing the beautiful natural scenery of the southern coast. This place, where you can enjoy both mountains and the sea, is situated in a great location within Phoenix Mountain, offering a panoramic view of the South Sea.

The campground, managed by Yeosu City, was opened in 2014. It also operates a pension, providing an affordable camping experience without the financial burden. Notably, the campground deck is equipped with electrical facilities so campers can freely cook their meals as long as they bring the necessary tools. Moreover, another advantage of this place is its proximity to Yeosu’s tourist attractions. The Yeosu Ocean Cable Car, Musulmok Resort, Marine and Fisheries Science Museum, Bangjukpo Beach, and the Geumo Island Path are nearby. The Hyangilam Temple, widely known as a sunrise hotspot, is also within a short distance, allowing you to feel the romance of Yeosu.


  • Address: 160 Daebok-gil, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 061-643-9180
  • Nearby Activities: Spring flower trips, walking trails