Enjoying a Cozy and Tranquil Camping Experience at Bujaesanbang Campground

Embrace the Serene Wilderness at Bujesanbang Campsite

Bujesanbang Campsite Bujesanbang, translating to “Mountain Room”, is a campsite nestled in the warm and tranquil embrace of nature. This scenic location offers a unique camping experience, with its surroundings entirely enveloped by mountains as if they form a screen around it.

Location and Amenities

Located at an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, Bujesanbang Campsite is neighbored by the mountains of Yeohangsan, Jeokseoksan, and Seobuksan – ideal for those who love trekking. The Baekam Reservoir located at the entrance of the village offers a great spot for fishing. One can only wonder about the taste of the fish caught in these pristine waters! After a day of camping, you can relax in the nearby hot spring complex, making the whole experience a perfect package.

Activities and More

Consider getting engrossed in fishing with the aim to serve the catch at the dinner table. Bujesanbang Campsite also offers excellent experiential learning programs for children. It’s a great opportunity for them to play and learn about nature. The campsite is open for visits from acquaintances too. With an additional charge of 5000 KRW per vehicle and per person, you can invite your friends and have a wonderful time.

  • Address: 148, Michun 2-gil, Jinjeon-myeon, Masan Hapo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Telephone: 055-0271-0702

Nearby Activities

The area around the campsite offers activities such as summer water sports and walking trails, ensuring there’s never a dull moment during your stay at Bujesanbang Campsite.