Chungjuho Camping World: Luxury Glamping & Camping on the Lakefront

Chungju Lake Camping World

Located right in front of the stunning Chungju Lake, Chungju Lake Camping World is a haven for luxury glamping and camping enthusiasts.

Chungju Lake Camping World

About the Campsite

Chungju Lake Camping World is situated in Dongryang-myeon, Chungju-si, North Chungcheong Province. Approximately 17 km from the Chungju City Hall, the campsite is easily accessible by car via Gukwon Daero, Chungju Lake road, and Hoban road in succession. The journey typically takes around 30 minutes.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Chungju Lake, the campsite offers seven glamping units and 24 general campsites. The interior of the glamping units exude luxury with amenities such as beds, dressers, sofas, and tables ensuring a comfortable stay. Additionally, each unit comes with a private pool on the outside deck, allowing for private water play.

The general campsites, made of crushed stone, measure 7m in width and 8m in length. Personal trailers can be accommodated, but individual caravans are not allowed. The campsite operates all year round and is perfect for both weekdays and weekend camping.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive mini pool for glamping


The campsite is located at 696-1 Hoban-ro, Dongryang-myeon, Chungju-si, North Chungcheong Province. For inquiries, please contact 070-8266-7781.

Nearby Activities

Chungju Lake Camping World is surrounded by various attractions such as Chungju Lake, Chungju Gemyeongsan Natural Recreation Forest, and Tanggeumdae, making it ideal for combined tourism. Several restaurants operate nearby, giving campers a chance to taste a variety of delicious dishes.

  • Fishing
  • Summer water play
  • Fall foliage viewing spots