Chungju Canoe Camping Site: Experience the Beauty of Lake Chungju at Your Doorstep

Chungju Canoe Campground: A Serene Lakeside Retreat

Chungju Canoe Campground

Located in the Dongryang area of Chungju City in North Chungcheong Province, the Chungju Canoe Campground is a mesmerizing auto campground that opens up to the beautiful Chungju Lake. Being just about 15km from Chungju City Hall, the campground can be easily reached via Gukwon Avenue, Chungju Lake Road, or Jideung Road, with a travel time of approximately 25 minutes.

This campground offers a breathtaking lakeside view, providing a perfect backdrop for an exciting camping experience. The expansive and refreshing scenery adds to the joy of camping. The campground consists of 19 regular camping sites, each made up of gravel, and measuring 6m in width and 13~16m in length. The campground operates in spring, summer, and fall, and only accepts reservations via phone calls. Please note that only small dogs are allowed in the campground.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

There are various attractions and activities near the Chungju Canoe Campground. One of them is the Chungju Riverside Path, which is one of the scenic routes in Chungju City. Additionally, there’s Shaburak, a nearby restaurant that specializes in Shabu Shabu and abalone dishes. For those who enjoy water sports and fishing, these activities are also available in the vicinity of the campground.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1276-4, Jideung-ro, Dongryang-myeon, Chungju-si, North Chungcheong Province
  • Telephone: 010-4479-5587

Experience the beauty of Korea’s nature while enjoying your camping trip at the Chungju Canoe Campground!