Beautiful Campsite Embraced by Geumgang and Natural Recreation Forest

Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest

Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest, known in Korean as “금강자연휴양림,” is a beautiful camping site nestled between the Geumgang River and a lush, green forest. This picturesque landscape is located in Geumnam-myeon, within the special autonomous city of Sejong.

Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest

The camping site is easily accessible by taking the Dangjin-Yeongdeok Expressway and exiting at the Gongju IC. Following the direction of Sejong city and moving along the Geumgang River, you will find the entrance to the camping site immediately after crossing the Bulgi Bridge. Make sure to confirm your reservation at the ticket office before entering the camping site.

Facilities and Activities

The camping site is spread out over a vast area, featuring 12 grass sites and 8 wooden decks. It also includes a playground and a spacious parking lot. Each site is equipped with an electrical system and essential facilities such as restrooms, shower rooms, and water taps. There is also a big public parking lot for visitors.

For a more comfortable stay, there are 5 cabins located slightly uphill, all built with wood. The camping site is connected to recreational forests and walking paths, allowing you to explore the entire arboretum, forest museum, tropical greenhouse, and animal village.

Do note, however, that there are no stores within the camping site or recreational forest. Therefore, it’s recommended to prepare your supplies beforehand from a mart in Gongju city center. There are plenty of restaurants along the Geumgang River on the way to Gongju city center.

Nearby Attractions

There are several attractions near the camping site, including Gongju Gongsanseong, National Gongju Museum, Gongju Folk Drama Museum, and Donghaksa Temple. These attractions make it easy to plan a combined tour. The campsite is perfect for activities such as sunset viewing, spring flower trips, autumn foliage viewing, and walking paths.

Contact Information

  • Address: 110 Sanrimbakmulgwan-gil, Geumnam-myeon, Sejong Special Self-Governing City
  • Telephone: 041-635-7400

Experience the tranquillity of nature and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Korea at the Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest.