Bangateul Farm: A Daily Childrens Day at this Korean Camping Site

Windmill Valley Tourist Farm: A Child’s Paradise Where Every Day Is Children’s Day

Windmill Valley Tourist Farm

The Windmill Valley Tourist Farm is a campsite where you can enjoy various camping styles to suit your preferences, such as a traditional Korean house pension, glamping, bus camping cars, general campgrounds, and house sites. The traditional Korean house pension is a private building made entirely from yellow soil, with pillars of pine and rafters of cypress. There’s a lawn in front where you can play mini-golf and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the traditional house. The bus camping car is a facility converted from a tour bus into a caravan style, and the house site is a system where you can put up a tent in a greenhouse, which has the advantage of not having to set up a separate shade.

This place is like a children’s heaven with many things for kids to do. Sand playground and slide are basics, and they even rent out toys. They have roulette (crocodile, pirate), jenga (building blocks), chess, Go, omok, yutnori, jegichagi, airplay, spinning top, snake dice game, catch ball, badminton, mini table tennis, mini basketball, ring toss, darts, and more. There’s also a water slide section in one corner of the campground, which can be used under the supervision of the owner couple. And the most popular among all is the cart that the owner himself drives around the campground, showing children around. When he says he will show the children around the campground, they all rush to him. It’s not only fun because there are many facilities that children will love, but also because all these play facilities are free, which makes parents happy too.


  • Address: 665-5, Yeongil-ro, Ildong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 010-3709-2373

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