Bangtae Mountain Natural Park Campsite: A Haven of Renowned Waterfalls and Maple Trees

Bangtae Mountain Natural Recreation Forest Campsite

Bangtae Mountain Campsite

Known for its spectacular three-tier waterfall and autumn leaves, the Bangtae Mountain Natural Recreation Forest Campsite is a hidden gem nestled in a lush recreation forest.


The campsite is situated at an elevation of 1433m on Bangtae Mountain, which forms the boundary between Inje and Hongcheon. The surrounding area is dotted with peaks over 1000m, making the approach somewhat challenging but rewarding with stunning valley and ridge views. The auto campsite is equipped with camping decks amidst beautiful ash trees. It boasts 50 camping decks and two separate campsites. Facilities include outdoor toilets, drinking water stations, outdoor shower areas, an ecological observation path, and a 10.2km hiking trail.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 89-53 Bangdong Mineral Water Road, Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Telephone: 033-463-8590

Nearby Activities

Visitors can enjoy summer water play and autumn foliage viewing, making it a popular destination regardless of the season.