Night Sounds Glamping: Lakeside Glamorous Camping that Inspires Awe

Sound of Night Glamping

Are you seeking a camping experience that combines the beauty of nature with the comfort of modern amenities? Welcome to the Sound of Night Glamping, a destination that will make you marvel at the picturesque lakeside view. Sound of Night Glamping


Located in Eum-bong, Asan city, the Sound of Night Glamping site is just about 12 km from Asan City Hall. A roughly 20-minute drive through Gokgyocheon-ro, Chungmu-ro, and Sinjeong-ri will lead you there. Once you step into the campground, you will be amazed by the beautifully designed entrance that resembles a park and the stunning views of the vast lake. The site is also equipped with various sports facilities such as a swimming pool, ping pong tables, foot volleyball courts, and basketball courts.

Within the campsite, there are 14 glamping huts, each fully-equipped for a comfortable stay. Inside, you will find a bed, heating and cooling systems, a TV, a refrigerator, cooking and kitchen utensils, a bathroom, and a shower. You can even lead a normal life here. Each hut has its own outdoor deck complete with barbecue facilities. Small dogs are also allowed to enter the campsite. It is open all year round, on weekdays and weekends, and accepts both online real-time and on-site reservations.

Features and Benefits

The Sound of Night Glamping site stands out for its noble and neat overall ambiance. It offers a premium camping experience where you can enjoy modern comforts while soaking in the beauty of nature.

Location and Contact

The glamping site is located at 109-9, Sinjeong-ri, Eum-bong, Asan city, Chungnam. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact at 041-544-6004.

Nearby Activities

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Experience a different kind of camping at the Sound of Night Glamping. The mix of natural beauty, modern amenities, and nearby attractions will surely make your stay memorable!