Yongin Natural Recreation Forest Campground: A Woodland Retreat with Various Amenities

Yongin Natural Recreation Forest Campsite

Yongin Natural Recreation Forest Campsite

Nestled in the heart of the verdant woods, Yongin Natural Recreation Forest Campsite is a well-equipped sanctuary that offers a serene retreat in the forest. This campsite, operated by Yongin City, is conveniently located in a forest recreation area and provides ample relaxation for both body and soul.

Site Features

The campsite is surrounded by lush pine trees, deciduous pine forests, and chestnut tree forests, offering an untouched view of nature. It also boasts a variety of amenities including decking, toilets, showers, and washing stations. For those seeking a bit more adventure, the campsite is home to a range of activities including an Eco Adventure program and zip-lining.

Accommodation Options

  • Indian Tent (4 units)
  • Caravan (4 units)

Contact Information

Address: 220, Chobu-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

Telephone: 031-336-0040

Nearby Activities

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and explore a plethora of activities in the surrounding area. These include air leisure activities, spring flower viewing, autumn foliage viewing spots, winter snow flower viewing spots, and walking trails.