Wildflower Hill: A Scenic Camping Site with Year-Round Blossoms

Wildflower Hill Campground

Wildflower Hill Campground

Located in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province, the Wildflower Hill Campground, as the name suggests, is a beautiful garden campground where you can enjoy flowers from spring to autumn. With a cafe and grassy hill at the entrance, the campground unfolds in a stepwise manner with a glamping site and crushed stone campground in the back. As you ascend, you can enjoy a magnificent view that you can only see in the mountains. In particular, the view of the Gisan Reservoir from under the old, large pine tree at the glamping site is awe-inspiring. The exceptional view and surrounding scenery are unmatched.

The Wildflower Hill Campground is divided into 6 glamping sites and 14 crushed stone campground sites. The glamping sites are located at the bottom, with 4 units and 2 standalone units. Next to and above these are the stepwise crushed stone campground sites. The amenities include newly built bathrooms, showers, and water facilities in the summer of 2019, which are clean and convenient to use.


  • Name: Wildflower Hill Campground
  • Address: 870 Kwon-yul Road, Baekseok-eup, Yangju, Gyeonggi Province
  • Telephone: 010-3356-3408

Nearby Activities

When you’re not soaking in the beauty of the campground, there are a plethora of activities to enjoy in the surrounding area, such as spring flower tours, autumn foliage viewing spots, and walking trails. This makes the Wildflower Hill Campground an excellent base for exploring the region’s natural beauty while enjoying the comfort of a well-equipped campground.