Water Village Healing: A Pet-Friendly Camping Site beneath Sudong Recreational Area

Healing Waterside Campground

Healing Waterside Campground

The Healing Waterside Campground, located in Sudong, Namyangju, is a pet-friendly camping site nestled beneath the popular Sudong Recreational Area. True to its name, this campsite is situated near the riverbed of the Sudong stream, making it an excellent place for water activities. The campsite is especially famous for its small dam installed in front of it, ensuring a constant abundance of water.

The Healing Waterside Campground is divided into two sections: one for camping with pets and one for general camping. On the left side of the entrance, there is a dedicated site and playground for large dogs, while the right side has a site and playground for small dogs. Behind the management office building and pet cafe, there is a general camping site along the river. The sites are arranged along the river, so it’s a great place to jump right into water activities.


  • Address: 945 Biryong-ro, Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 031-553-0485

Nearby Activities

For those seeking additional activities, there are opportunities for fishing, summer water play, and walking trails nearby.