Starlight Auto Camping Site: Your Relaxing Getaway from the City Hustle

Mountain Starlight Auto Camping Ground

Mountain Starlight Auto Camping Ground

Escape from the city and enjoy a comforting rest at this campsite.


Mountain Starlight Auto Camping Ground is located in Sanne-myeon, Gyeongju City, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It’s approximately 46km away from Gyeongju City Hall. You can get there by driving along the Gyeongbu Expressway, Danseok-ro, and Munbok-ro in order, which will take about 50 minutes. The site is conveniently accessible as it is adjacent to the road. Thanks to its location amidst a forest, you can enjoy a peaceful rest in nature. The camping ground offers 12 general campsites comprised of crushed stones, and the site size ranges from 6 to 8 meters wide and 7 to 10 meters long. Amenities such as a barbecue grill, electricity, and wireless internet are available. Personal trailers and caravans can enter, and the usage fee for caravans is the same as the general camping site. At the management office, you can rent tents, reel lines, and heating appliances. The campsite operates only on weekends throughout the year and accepts reservations online in real-time. Pets are allowed to enter with you. There are numerous attractions around the campsite, including Seoknamsa Temple, Unmunsa Temple, and Gajisan Hot Springs, and you can also enjoy traditional Korean set meals at the Dodongsanbang restaurant.

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Contact Information

  • Address: San 394, Daehyeon-ri, Sanne-myeon, Gyeongju City, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Telephone: 010-7237-1976

Nearby activities

You can enjoy the autumn foliage and walking trails near the campsite.