Stargazing at Gyeongho River Campsite: Where Counting Stars Puts You to Sleep

Gyeongho River Campsite

Gyeongho River Campsite

Ever wondered what it’s like to fall asleep counting the stars? Welcome to Gyeongho River Campsite, where the galaxy is your lullaby.


With the majestic Ungseokbong Peak of Jirisan Mountain in the backdrop, Gyeongho River Campsite offers an ongoing supply of fresh air. The Gyeongho River flows serenely in front, making it a perfect spot for children to take a splash and play with fish during the summer. The campsite features more than 30 gravel sites and also has pensions, providing an excellent option for larger groups who wish to enjoy both camping and indoor accommodations. Wrapped in a forest of cypress trees, the campsite emits an abundance of phytoncides, which are beneficial for health. This makes it an ideal spot for a health-conscious camper.

The campsite also houses trampolines, a favorite playground for kids. For safety, the trampolines are divided into two areas, allowing children to have fun without waiting their turn. Despite the number of sites, Gyeongho River Campsite has two each of restrooms, shower rooms, and washstands, which is why campers highly rate it.

Location and Contact

Address: 627, Bangmok-ri, Danseong-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Phone: 010-7587-5864

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